It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Automotive Locksmiths specializes in vehicle locks. But what do they do exactly?

Automotive locksmiths are not just limited to duplicating or replacing lost or broken car keys. They have very special tools that are meant to be used for specific locksmith functions. These professionals often respond to a call within 20-30 minutes for emergency situations, and book a suitable schedule for non-emergencies.

These individuals have completed programs and classes about and have invested in the right tools to enhance and ensure they can practice and continually improve their skills. They have also completed the most important requirement of all—to pass an exam to become a Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL) before they started practicing.

The following are some of the common services offered by Automotive Locksmiths:

Car Lockout

Locking your car with the keys inside can be a huge problem especially if your engine is running when it happens. It is never advisable to try and jimmy your locks yourself, especially if you have no locksmithing experience. Leave this to the experts. They come in very handy—like a hero that saves the day when you encounter an emergency vehicle lockout situation and you’re too far from the home to get your spare key.

Locked Key in the Trunk

Accidentally locking your car keys in your car while the engine is running isn’t uncommon. But even more so is the common occurrence of accidentally locking your keys inside the trunk.

These professionals will be able to open your trunk in a jiffy. They will either use the manual trunk release or do more intricate work should the vehicle not have a functioning manual trunk release or if it is equipped with a deadlock.

Ignition Switch Repairs

Breaking your ignition switch can be such a pain. Whether it’s because you broke your key inside or it just got jammed in there, these automotive locksmiths will be there to get it fixed. They can have it repaired, replaced, or installed real quickly. This is a sensitive job to do and you should never try doing it yourself unless you want to end up spending more—and maybe breaking more.

Cylinder Changing

This particular service is applicable for individual that have broken their keys inside the cylinders, lost their keys, bought a second hand car, or would just like to change the keys and locks. They will take out the old cylinder and install a new one, rekey, or repair the old cylinder if you broke your key inside. On the other hand, if you want to change all the locks in the vehicle, they’ll take out the old one and replace it with a new one.

Car Key Extraction

If you just broke your key inside the lock as you push it in or twist to engage, there is no need to panic. You might think that the only solution is to ask your locksmith to replace the cylinder or ignition switch. Fear not! Automotive locksmiths can actually do car key extraction without the need to do too much work or replace the whole thing. They’ll be using special lubricants and tools to extract the broken key from the hole. Just make sure to not try and pry it off yourself to prevent it from jamming too far down the hole.

Transponder Key Replacement

For car models above 2000, it’s fairly common to find keys implanted with transponder chips that functions as an electronic communications device for the vehicle when the ignition is turned on.

While this is a marvelous piece of technology, it does have a downside. Should the transponder be malfunctioning, the car will not start when the key is put in the ignition. Professional automotive locksmiths will have the access and ability to replace your old or broken key with a new transponder chip. 

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