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You run a business! Either make a living, or thriving, in any case the safety of your office or work place is essential to keep it up and going. Will you ever leave it in the hands of cheap and unreliable locks and security systems? What value does your business hold for you? And more importantly, how many employees rely on your business? Your stake holders? Now imagine what a low quality security locks can cause you and your business. Damage of property, theft of company’s valuables and intellectual property etc. and that’s just a start!

Professional Commercial Locksmith

No we don’t mean to scare you, we are here to offer a solution of tackling with all those possible threats out there! We offer you partnership with us, A+ Locksmith & Keys to keep your office / workplace safe and secure from external and internal threats.

Yes internal threats, running a business, you realize how many areas, doors and safes should have limited access. Not everyone should have access to everything at work. We completely understand your high priorities and we can propose the best and tailored lock securities just according to your needs.

Is your business is in Tampa bay, New Tampa and / clear water? Well we have a good news for you! Our state of art digital locks technology and team of professional and licensed locksmiths is one step away, We make corporate offices, shops, and offices ( large or small ) secure and adequately safe through our top in the town commercial locksmith services.

Our Commercial Services

Our commercial locksmith services are (but not limited) to as follows:

Rekey Locks

Store Front Locks

Exit Bush Par

Access Control

Door Unlocking Service

Now you don’t have to worry about the vulnerabilities of your locks and the risks / threats it can cause, get in touch with “A+ Locksmith & keys services” and make your business safe with the skillset of best locksmith professionals in town.

Do not be stressed worrying about issues that can let your business be vulnerable to risks of property crimes.

Call A+ Locksmith & keys Services, your professional commercial locksmith, for quick action, your peace of mind and the best interest of your business.

To Make An Appointment Immediately Call

Need a Locksmith Now?

Your key and lock may be small devices but the implications of issues with them to your safety and protection are enormous. You can be an easy victim of theft, violence, or be in legal trouble.

Call the professionals as soon as you experience any problem or concern with keys and locks. Call A+ Locksmith & keys Services at 813-269-1111 when in Tampa Bay. We are at your immediate service.




Ensuring safety and security is an essential investment
for any business. Securing the safety of all entry points and safety boxes is a

Commercial locksmiths offer services, in particular, to commercial establishments. This type of services they provide may differ from what residential and automotive locksmiths offer. They assume a wide range of responsibilities over business properties.


A commercial locksmith plays an important role in securing commercial spaces and establishments. For this reason, it pays to get to know a commercial locksmith service provider before hiring their services. Make sure that the locksmith passes a criminal background check. Ask them for their certifications and license to operate.


Aside from having a solid reputation, it also pays to
know how reliable they are in emergency cases. They must always be available –
even outside of business hours.  They
must come with complete parts and tools needed for repair.


Get a locksmith who can conduct a security survey on your
commercial space. As a business establishment, you will need to get an
insurance policy for your business. This involves proving to the insurer that
you have taken your part in securing your establishment. A licensed commercial
locksmith is an authorized entity that can submit a comprehensive survey report
to the insurer.

Commercial locksmiths must have a wide knowledge and
experience in the services they offer.

Business establishments have different types of locks
located everywhere.

An expert locksmith must be knowledgeable enough to
diagnose different keys and lock issues. A good presence of mind is a

Aside from quick diagnostics, they can repair door or
window locks, security systems at any given time. The ability to quickly
resolve client lock and security problems is important. Likewise, they must efficiently
deliver without having to damage any properties, aside from the locks.

Some essential services they should provide are:

  • Panic
    bar installation
  • Door
    & window lock repairs
  • Technicians
    for safe & vaults
  • Master
    key system
  • Keying
    and re-keying
  • Fix
    file and cabinet lock repairs
  • Window
    security bars

Some commercial locksmiths also offer security equipment
such as alarms, access control systems and security cameras.

All these services are necessary to keep company
valuables and commercial space safe and secure.

a good working relationship with a reliable and reputable commercial locksmith.
While they may gain access to important information about your business, they
can be trusted to uphold confidentiality. They can help you in emergencies and
help keep your commercial space safe at all times.

A+ Locksmith & Keys

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