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Almost without exception, your need for locksmith services is always urgent and important. When you are locked out of your house, business, or vehicle or you lose your key for any of them, you cannot allow any minute wasted; the consequences are serious. You are courting major disasters by dilly-dallying or putting off calling locksmith services.

Why Choose A+ Locksmith & keys Services?

A+ Locksmith & Keys Services was established to provide you with prompt locksmith services when you need them. To us, all your calls are emergencies requiring action without delays. We are aware of how accidents involving lockouts, loss of keys, or key and lock damage can happen at any time and anywhere. That is why we give special attention to the speed and reliability of service to provide the solutions to your problems right away.

At A+ Locksmith & keys Services, we have highly trained professionals who can respond to your call for help 24/7. In almost no time, you will be able to enjoy whatever you were about to do just before your key incident. With years of experience in our industry, our expert personnel use state-of-the-art tools and techniques in re-keying, key duplication, and repair of damaged locks and lock systems. The excellent customer service from our staff is second to none.


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Whether your lock and key issues occur at home, in your business place, or your car, A+ Locksmith & keys Services will be there to assist you to bring you out of trouble and eliminate your stress. Call us for help for any residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith needs including:


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Your key and lock may be small devices but the implications of issues with them to your safety and protection are enormous. You can be an easy victim of theft, violence, or be in legal trouble.

Call the professionals as soon as you experience any problem or concern with keys and locks. Call A+ Locksmith & keys Services at 813-269-1111 when in Tampa Bay. We are at your immediate service.